A Guaranteed Show Stopper!

PEOPLE ARE GENUINELY mesmerized while watching an artist create something in live performance—especially if it happens with speed, showmanship, humor, and a magical surprise.
Chalked & Amazed Productions presents the enchanting world of professional chalk art entertainer Kerry Kistler. His brand of performance chalk art delivers this very special impact to each and every audience.
Enhanced by musical soundtracks, this performance art is highly customizable:

From 5 -20 minutes in length.
► Unlimited thematic possibilities for every age.
► Stunning black light effects can be added according to lighting conditions.
► Highly visible from nearly any stage, large or small.

BONUS: After the show, the finished drawing belongs to YOU which can add $ to your revenue. One chalk creation alone was sold at a silent auction for $1000!

KERRY WOULD BE DELIGHTED to bring his show-stopping blend of stagecraft to one of your performance venues. But, let the demo videos on this site communicate what mere words cannot. Start with the Highlight Reel, below.

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